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96.98%! *Real Statistics After Adopting UORS
96.98% reservations are online after recommending net reservation as a primary approach.
* 200 customers/month × 96% × 3 min. per reservation = 576 minutes (9.6 hours)
Benefits Of Using UORS:
Organizers will ... Customers will ...
Largely reduce number of phone calls and emails. Avoid waiting for busy phones and writing multiple emails.
Flexibly and easily expose all available time to customers. Select expected time from wider ranges and easily find more suitable time.
Accept reservations during all of the 24 hours a day. Make reservations at any willing time, 24 hours a day.
Easily view all current and historical reservations.
Have automatic email notification when reservations happen.
Have memo history to trace how event goes.
Have automatically updated time table. Avoid work and latency caused by manual updates.
Be able to use secure socket layer (SSL) in communication so as to send your operations safely.
Be able to use a built-in questionnaire to communicate required information in advance for every reservation.
Be able to show some events to a limited group of customers, so as to provide such as VIP event. Be able to freely change reservations up to deadline, and be served automatically.
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