Question 1, What are the meanings of seats and rooms?
Answer, A seat is a unit of room size. Size of a room is determined by number of seats in the room. Consider it further, take a room as non-human resource for rent, then the total number of seats means that the resource can be rented for at most that number of times at the same time interval.
Question 2, What is seat number?
Answer, It is like name of a seat. It may not be seat numbers in the real world.
Question 3, What is service circle?
Answer, A service circle is a group of users who receives service of the service. A business can act as an agent who can make reservations for every user in the circle. Meanwhile, a group circle is a summarized record of the users who take the service. A business can send circle invitations to users. An invited user can accept the invitation to join the circle, or the user can refuse the invitation. In addition, if a user reserves a service, then the user automatically becomes a member of the service circle.
Question 4, What is service group?
Answer, A service group is a set of services. All services in the group can be taken as a whole so that some settings can be made on it, such as setting some limitations.
Question 5, Why it is said 7/24 "Fully automated" reservation service?
Answer, Uniwits online reservation service is a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, continuously running online reservation service. After a business published a service specified its reservable periods, a customer can complete the whole reservation process totally without participation of the business. Customers can enjoy fully self-helped realtime reservation service, and be sure that the reservation succeeded without negotiation with the business. Of course, a business can also choose to accept a reservation after reviewing it. Uniwits online reservation service provides businesses a reservation manager at no charge.
Question 6, Why it is said no longer simple collections of billboards?
Answer, Traditional reservation services only simply convey customers' reservation willings to businesses as messages. Whereas, Uniwits online reservation service provides much more. Uniwits online reservation service automatically computes available time of services according to businesses working time and current reservation schedules, and make the time periods clearly visible to customers. Also both businesses and customers can clearly view their own current reservation schedule. Meanwhile, Uniwits online reservation service can help businesses compute income, manage customer list, etc.
Question 7, What does it mean: Integrated management of places, rooms and workers?
Answer, Serivices on the Uniwits online reservation service not only contain its own information, but also correlates to places, room, and workers. In this scheme, cooperation among mutiple places, multiple rooms and multiple worker are managed automatically.
Question 8, Why can users exempt from heavy manual work of arranging time table?
Answer, Uniwits online reservation service displays reservation records for every user including present and past records. Therefore, businesses no longer need to manually erase and alter schedule table.
Question 9, Are mobile users accessible to the service?
Answer, Yes. Pages of the Uniwits online reservation service are specially arranged so that they can be correctly displayed on screens of various sizes. In the times of mobile web surfing, this feature can bring great convenience to both businesses and customers.
Question 10, How can I put a questionnaire with each of the reservations?
Answer, Simply, UORS supports a built-in questionnaire, you can build one and then associate it with a service.
Question 11, How to let customers reserve my services?
Answer, Uniwits online reservation service automatically publishes services on it to various search engines, hence even if a business does not do something special, its services can also be visible to customers. However, if some more active methods are used, better effects can be expected. For example, adding a link to the list of your services, or adding a reservation link for each of your services, on the business's company site.
Question 12, I want to write memo for every customer...
Answer, Uniwits online reservation service enables business writing memos to reservation records customer-wise.
Question 13, Does Uniwits online reservation service guarrantee security of data communication?
Answer, Yes. Uniwits online reservation service provides SSL data communication. Clicking the lock icon at the bottom of the page can enter or leave SSL mode. Generally speaking, SSL mode is slower than non-SSL mode, if no special security requirement, it is recommended to use non-SSL mode.
Question 14, How a business know it when a customer make a reservation?
Answer, After a customer make a reservation, the business will be automatically notified by email. And if the customer has a setting to receive email notification, then a confirmation email will be sent to the customer.
Question 15, How can I install Uniwits online reservation service?
Answer, Uniwits online reservation service is an online service, hence it need not be installed, as long as Internet is accessible the service is available. You are only recommended to add links to reservation pages of your services.
Question 16, How to prevent loss of reservation data?
Answer, Uniwits online reservation service conducts nearly realtime data backup on reservation data. Neither businesses nor customers need be worried about data loss.
Question 17, What is alias user?
Answer, An alias user is user that exists as an alias of some user. Alias user is an important feature of Uniwits Online Reservation Service. In the service, in principle, one user can only deliver one service at a time. But for services such as rental meeting rooms, one business can deliver several services at the same time. This would require the business to have several registered users. But it is tedious to repeatedly register users and manage them. To solve the problem, Uniwits online reservation service allow users to quickly register new users by entering a login name and copying registered information. These users are called alias users. They are virtual branches of the original user. A same time period of them can be reserved for different services.
Question 18, What is alias user?
Answer, Alias users exist as aliases of some other user. Alias users is an important feature of Uniwits Online Reservation Service. In the service, in principle, one user can only serve one service at a time. But for services, such as room rental, that one worker can serve multiple services, the business would need multiple user accounts. But this is cumbersome. To solve the problem, Uniwits Online Reservation System allows users to copy account by entering only new login names. These users created by copying are alias users. They are virtual agents of the original user. They can deliver different services at the same time.
Question 19, What features do alias users have?
Answer, Alias users are virtual agents of the original user, they are not suitable for use in service by themselves. The original user can copy his/her time table to the alias users.
Question 20, How do Uniwits Online Reservation Service help businesses obtain more free time?
Answer, By complate automated reservations, businesses can select to stay at office only when customers visit the office. For other time, business persons can have their free time. By setting deadline time, you never need to be worried about unexpected visits of customers.
Question 21, Why don't put variety of active contents on pages?
Answer, Pages of Uniwits Online Reservation Service are specially designed based on two considerations. One is that businesses and customers don't need them: This service is not a portal news site, on the contrary we provide specialized automated reservation service, but plenty of active contents (animations and flashes, etc) only disable users who don't have newest PC and mobile phones, this impedes the service helping users to cover as many customers as possible. The other consideration is that this design can automatically fit screens of various sizes: Along with prevalence of mobile terminals (iPhone, Smart Phone, etc), people use various sizes of screens. Compared to chasing beautiful view on a specific screen, we focus on letting more users use this service without obstacles. If you drag border of your browser, change size of window, you will see that contents of pages automatically adjusts along with change of window width. Basically it will not be invisible due to narrowness of window.
Question 22, I entered my service information but my service is not displayed. Why?
Answer, This is generally caused by lack of necessary information. The "Business." page and the "Manage Services" page under it displays hints for your cases. If you still cannot find a solution, please contact our technical support team.
Question 23, What is Unilar?
Answer, Unilars are a kind of credit points that you use to obtain services of Uniwits System in exchange. You can think of Unilar as a kind of virtual currency that is used only in the range of Uniwits System. Unilars can be purchased by real world money.
Question 24, If a shop has several clerks having different working time. Does UORS support this situation?
Answer, UORS well supports team work. For example, the shop can create a team, and let the clerks join the team. Then, specify the clerks as workers of your services. Finally, let your clerks specify their working time. When system displays reservable time, all time periods of all clerks will be displayed respectively.
Question 25, What is a place?
Answer, A place is concretely where you run your business. It can be an address of your office, one of your shops, one of the buildings in which you hold a classroom, and so on. It is supposed that a business has at least one room at a place. A service is provided in the room.
Question 26, What is a room?
Answer, A room is a nonhuman resource that can be provided in reply to reservations. A room is often a space in your "place" to provide a specific service, such as a classroom, a meeting room, a karaoke room, etc. But on UORS, a room is something much more general. It is really an abstract concept that applies to many concrete examples. You can consider a room as a traval bus, a golf fairway, a cinema hall, a car for rent, a bed at a massage house, a billiard table, a consultant's table, etc. You can change the word "room" to whatever you name by simple settings. The number of times that a room can be reserved during the same time period is defined by the number of seats that it contains.
Question 27, What is a period of working time?
Answer, It is a period of time of a worker in which reservations are acceptable. It often corresponds to your business time, since you start working, up to you end working, of a day. Each time period of a worker is associated with a list of services that can be reserved during the period.
Question 28, Which long a time period can be so that a customer can reserve?
Answer, Unlike many online systems that set their reservable periods to 1 or 2 fixed lengths, UORS allows users set reservable periods freely. Further UORS allows reserved periods of different lengths to mix. This gives freedom to businesses, and let the businesses to provide more versatile services to their customers.
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