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What is UORS?
Function Line-up Servable Objectives(Affected by customization.)
Reservation Management 24 hours/365 days, receive reservation from PC, mobile, and smart phones.
Also manages customers from conventional routes such as telephone and free.
Change time, or cancellation of reservations.
View historical reservations.
Memo to reservations/customers.
Specify organizer time in detail.
Deadline setting.
Allow several reservations at the same time, by settings.
Support multiple places, multiple rooms, multiple seats.
Support coexistence of reservations of different time lengths. 
Provisional reservations supported.
Reception Emails Reservation acceptance notification.
Reservation cancellation notification.
Reservation approval/denial notification.
Promotion Emails Send batch mails to your groups of customers.
Day-off Setting Just leave days off without putting them on the calendar.
Organizer Hours Employee-wise setting
Detailed settings on dates and weekdays.
Rest Time Set rest time day by day.
Settable in batch.
Set event contents and standard event time freely.
Combine events and employers to define event and time for every employer.
Optional Menu Set option menus that does not elongate event time.
Questionnaire Set questionnaires to be posed to customers when reservation.
QR Code QR Code
Reservation Application Simple Log-in
Reserve, change, cancel.
List reservations.
Change user information.
Reset password.
Home Page Support  Home page for free on Uniwits Net with built-in support for reservation viewport.
Reservation view port easily settable on your own website.
Tool for making reservation buttons.

UORS provides a plan that is permanently for free. This plan is equipped with all standard functions of UORS. It is suitable for relatively small size organizer. If you expect online reservation to become a primary reservation approach, you can also start from the free plan, and gradualy get familiar with UORS to obtain the greatest convenience for your organizer. You can upgrade at any time.

Uniwits online reservation service is an online service, hence it need not be installed, as long as Internet is accessible the service is available. You are only recommended to add links to reservation pages of your services.

Unlike many online systems that set their reservable periods to 1 or 2 fixed lengths, UORS allows users set reservable periods freely. Further UORS allows reserved periods of different lengths to mix. This gives freedom to businesses, and let the businesses to provide more versatile services to their customers.

If you run an organizer, and you want to know schedule of a day in advance, you can set a deadline for your event. Deadline of every specific reservation is automatically computed, you do not need to enter them separately.

UORS provides specially designed tools to help users easily build buttons or codes that displays a list of shortcut links that allow customers make reservations directly on websites of your organizer.

After a customer make a reservation, the business will be automatically notified by email. And if the customer has a setting to receive email notification, then a confirmation email will be sent to the customer.

Uniwits online reservation service enables business writing memos to reservation records customer-wise.

UORS well supports team work. For example, the shop can create a team, and let the clerks join the team. Then, specify the clerks as workers of your services. Finally, let your clerks specify their working time. When system displays reservable time, all time periods of all clerks will be displayed respectively.

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