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Owner Name: Yoga Gypsy
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Event Name: Power Flow
Power Flow is a fun, athletic style vinyasa yoga class. It will challenge your body, relax your mind, and lift your spirit. Please bring water and a towel. Wear something you will be comfortable moving and sweating in. Temperature will be around 90 degrees.
Min Member: 0
Max Member: 25
Min Time: 60 (minutes)
Max Time: 60 (minutes)
Extend Unit: 0 (minutes)
Nonwork Time: 0 (minutes)
Currency: (USD) US DOLLAR
Base Price: 10.00USD
(10.00USD with tax)
Extend Price: 0.00USD
(0.00USD with tax)
Tax rate: 0
Period Start: 2013-10-23 08:39
Period Expire: 2023-10-21 08:39
Visible To: Everyone
Initiator: Organizer (Non-published)
Auto Confirm: Yes
Deadline: Deadline is not set
Info. Disclosure Request: Address
Phone number
Min # Options: 0(units)
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This event has no reservable schedule. Please inquiry the organizer, and ask the organizer to create a schedule.
Event Option Of "Power Flow"
Power Flow
Base Price:10.00USD
Extend Price:0.00USD
Number: 25 ~ 25
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