Details Of "Demo Service Two".

Owner Name: Demo Services
URL of This Organizer:
Event Name: Demo Service Two
This is a demonstration of how a service published on UORS could work.

As in this text, you can write descriptions of your service to tell customers if your service might be the one suitable for them.

You can also put one or more pictures to ease customers' understanding about your service.
Min Member: 2
Max Member: 4
Min Time: 60 (minutes)
Max Time: 60 (minutes)
Extend Unit: 0 (minutes)
Nonwork Time: 0 (minutes)
Currency: (USD) US DOLLAR
Base Price: 0.00USD
(0.00USD with tax)
Extend Price: 0.00USD
(0.00USD with tax)
Tax rate: 0
Period Start: 2012-05-01 12:30
Period Expire: 2022-01-01 01:30
Visible To: Everyone
Initiator: Participant (Published)
Auto Confirm: Yes
Deadline: 1 day(s) ago 20 o'clock 0 minute(s)
Info. Disclosure Request: City
Name reading
Min # Options: 0(units)
Place List:
Room List:
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