The following merits will be available to you if you publish your event here.
Exempt from heavy manual work of arranging time table.

Uniwits online reservation service displays reservation records for every user including present and past records. Therefore, businesses no longer need to manually erase and alter schedule table.

No longer need to wait for random customers whole day in your office.

By complate automated reservations, businesses can select to stay at office only when customers visit the office. For other time, business persons can have their free time. By setting deadline time, you never need to be worried about unexpected visits of customers.

7/24 Fully automated reservation platform.

Uniwits online reservation service is a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, continuously running online reservation service. After a business published a service specified its reservable periods, a customer can complete the whole reservation process totally without participation of the business. Customers can enjoy fully self-helped realtime reservation service, and be sure that the reservation succeeded without negotiation with the business. Of course, a business can also choose to accept a reservation after reviewing it. Uniwits online reservation service provides businesses a reservation manager at no charge.

Highly Automated. No longer simple collections of billboards.

Traditional reservation services only simply convey customers' reservation willings to businesses as messages. Whereas, Uniwits online reservation service provides much more. Uniwits online reservation service automatically computes available time of services according to businesses working time and current reservation schedules, and make the time periods clearly visible to customers. Also both businesses and customers can clearly view their own current reservation schedule. Meanwhile, Uniwits online reservation service can help businesses compute income, manage customer list, etc.

Integrated management of places, rooms and workers.

Serivices on the Uniwits online reservation service not only contain its own information, but also correlates to places, room, and workers. In this scheme, cooperation among mutiple places, multiple rooms and multiple worker are managed automatically.

Mobile users can also easily make reservations.

Yes. Pages of the Uniwits online reservation service are specially arranged so that they can be correctly displayed on screens of various sizes. In the times of mobile web surfing, this feature can bring great convenience to both businesses and customers.

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